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What Is Exploding Topics? Why Is Exploding Topics Important For SEO (Examples)

Exploding topics is website that offers information on the most trending search terms. We've been using this resource from Brian Dean (backlinko) for about 4 months now. This website is something that a lot of people are going to start using soon, so its best to get ahead of the curve. Here is a list of some of the most important features from Exploding Topics.

  1. Exploding Trends Keywords

  2. Search Volume by Month (Search/Mo)

  3. Growth over time (Gradient)

  4. How fast it has grown (Exponent)

This Tool Is Important For A Few Reasons:

  • Example 1: lets say you’re a niche site or a dropshipper is looking for a new product. If you visit exploding trends you will see that portable blenders is trending in the fitness and health world. Due to the fact they are hot right now, it may be something that you may want to look into carrying for your website or business.

  • Example 2: Exploding topics can give you business ideas based on trends you never even considered. Sometime as entrepreneurs we struggle finding niches where we can transfer our skillsets. This resource might just give you that opportunity.

  • Example 3: After finding a trending keyword you can check its popularity from anywhere between 1 month to 15 years, to see how much steam this trend is picking up. By looking at the year over year growth you can decide if there is still time to get ahead of the trend or dropsurf the wave.

  • Example 4: Keyword research… If you are content creator you can generate content on the biggest trends that potentially can help your business or personal brand build a long-term reputation. Ok Boomer is trending… Perhaps this gives you the idea to write about this topic in a different light or targeting a specific long tail keyword.

Overall we recommend using this free service, as it will greatly add to your eCommerce artillery.

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