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The Best Free & Paid SEO Products With Descriptions (Beginners Guide)

The biggest trend this year will be the success of blogs and affiliate programs online. Website traffic is king and in order to succeed in the eCom game, you must be the best at what you do! This article will highlight the best FREE tools the experts use to create traffic generating blogs and content. Also, how to research the perfect keywords for your blog content and website content.

1. Google Search

Google is the worlds largest search engine, and because of this they have to be experts at directing your attention effectively. One of the best ways to generate traffic is by searching relevant keywords.

The first steps, you are going to want to open Google and type in keywords relevant to your niche, product or service. What will happen is, Google will provide you with alternate searches that are popular.

Click through the alternate searches to see which results yield the smallest returned searches. The smaller less targeted keywords are the things you can be ranking for.

Use keywords that return between 1000-6000 Google results and write the best blog content on those key words. Over time your blog will begin to rank higher while generating more inbound leads.

2. Google KeyWord Planner

The second method is Google Keyword Planner (GKP) This free tool provided by Google lets you see the search volume of Google key words. It also allows you to generate alternate key terms that can be used for blogs.

Your ideal search volume to target is between 1000 – 10,000 searches per month. These are low volume keywords that can generate a lot of traffic!

3. Keywords Everywhere (Google Chrome Extension)

Another great tool, which will help you to find more keywords, is the Keywords Everywhere - Google Chrome Extension (GCE). First you are going to want to download the extension here:

**Edit: Since posting Keywords everywhere is no longer free, however you can still use its base functions for free to help generate search term ideas**

Simple type any keyword related to your niche into KE GCE and it will return information on search volume, related key terms and long tail keywords. The benefits of this are, keywords everywhere will generate the top Google search extensions that you should use in your blog or content creation with its search volume instantly.

4. UberSuggest – Neil Patel SEO

A Neil Patel product, Ubersuggest is a free tool offered to check your Domain Authority, Ranking Keywords, Backlinks and other key website metrics. This is by far the best FREE tool available. We use Ubersuggest daily to gain vital information on our website and information on how we can rank better for certain keywords.

Some other paid SEO products:

In conclusions, using a combination of both free and paid services will give you best results. Whether you are a blog or online store trying to generate more content. We highly recommend using these tools to Start, Build, & Expand your eCommerce business.

Have a question about our articles or your business? Join our online community and we would be happy to answer them. OR Please Email us at for a free 1 on 1 consultation.

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