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  • Save time by automating redundant tasks you typically would have to do manually - (Like & Comment)


  • Optimized interactions with both models and buyers. 

  • This software only runs 12 hours per day to simulate a real human. 

  • Automated & optimized to increase cross promotion leads with other models (NO FOLLOWER MINIMUM). 

  • 6,000+ Unique interactions with twitter users monthly (Favourites/likes).

  • Gain new REAL followers, which will help you, grow.

  • Automated & Optimized welcome message for all new followers to differentiate leads (Sent Via Direct Message): When someone follows you, it will automatically send them a message like this: "Hey :) Thanks for the follow!  If you want to cross promote content or buy content let me know! :)   

$31.95 (USD) Per Month

Once you are on boarded and your account is fully automated, the ONLY thing you need to do is post regularly and review your direct messages 1-2 times per day so you can reply to those leads generated by my software (like mentioned above). But all the heavy lifting of lead generation will be completely automated for you now.  


The Different Types of leads you will receive 

  1. Models: You can engage in shoutout for shoutout (SFS).  Where if they want to cross promote, you ask them if they want to re-tweet your pinned tweet (your pictures & OnlyFans info), and you re-tweet one of their tweets with their OnlyFans information). On average I generate 50-100 SFS leads per month. If the average model has 1000 followers and you engage in SFS, you have increased your exposure to 100,000 new eyes and potential fans. 100 SFS x 1000 followers = 100,000 reach 

  2.  Potential fans: You reply to their DM responses by directing them to either your free or paid OnlyFans pages.  


With my automation there is NO need to manually like, and comment on other users profiles. In fact, while using my automation software, you



  • Respond to DM’s (either SFS or Sell OF’s) 

  • Post tweets as you typically would + reply to any comments as you normally would.   



  • Manual likes/Favorites daily while the automations are running. 


I optimize my software to run near the twitter limits so you gain the most exposure possible. If you start liking and commenting on multiple posts, your account may get flagged with a 3-day ban. This is why I recommend you ONLY stick to 5-10 manual likes per hour and 3 manuals Retweets per hour. + Normal commenting and posting. 



      My Software builds lists of both models and buyers to target engage and converse with while building the community for you and other models. My tasks are designed ONLY to engage with users in an authentic and safe way. 



      My program is compliant with Twitters automation terms of services and does not infringe on their API. Twitter is one of the few social media platforms that encourages meaningful automations to help people and services add value to themselves and the platform. 

My software design uses both automation and your real human interaction to get the best results. It is by far the most effective way to grow online. This program will not spam or bother users, or otherwise send them unsolicited messages.

Unlike other twitter automations programs or providers, I DO NOT OFFER, SPAMMY or IMPERSONATED HUMAN INTERACTIONS. 

To confirm the above statements for yourself, please review this page directly from twitters website outlining automation safe practices. 


As part of the automation process I need access to your account through the form of your username and password (login credentials). The only way to run these automations is if I can physically login and control your account. NOW you may be thinking: that is my personal login information, I don’t want to give that information!

I can’t change your email address, password, phone number, delete your account, or change ownership without you being contacted via email or phone by twitter to confirm you approved these actions. I am simply controlling your account remotely as if you are doing it yourself + you will still be logged in to your account. 

MAKE SURE YOUR EMAIL and/or your PHONE NUMBER are correct on twitter. This is to ensure NO changes can be made to your account without you getting notified first via email or phone. (These are things I don’t have access to)



STEP #1: Most model use their main twitter accounts, but if you don’t want me to use your main account (For fear of losing it or safety) thats not a problem. You can make a new twitter account. (Your username + promo). 

  • If your main accounts username is @Littykitty

  • Make your new promo account: @LittykittyPromo

Tell your followers to follow this page as your backup account (This is to get it started so its not at 0 followers). Ideally you want around 50-100 followers to start. 

Most models opt to use their main account for my software. So they can focus on lead generation from other sources outside of twitter. But I leave this decision up to you. Also if you account is under 1000 followers its in your best interest to use your main account for my software. 

STEP #2: Create a tweet/post with 2 pictures of you and include all the information your fans need to subscribe to you: Both free and paid only fans, other websites your sell on,& types of content you make, ETC. And pin it to the top of your profile. This is going to be your main advertisement you use when you engage in SFS. Make sure it’s bold and catches your eye + gives people the information they need to subscribe. 


STEP #3: Disable (Turn Off) exact location: The reason we have to turn this off is because twitter tracks all your logins and online exchanges + they send data back to their servers to see what people are doing. By turning this feature off it allows me to control your twitter account remotely without sending them the information on where the actions are coming from. 


  • Click Profile Icon

  • Click “settings and privacy”

  • Click “ Privacy & Safety”

  • Scroll down to “Location”

  • Make sure precise location is turned off 


STEP #4: Disable (Turn Off) Two-Factor Authentication: The reason we have to do this is because when I login to your account using my software, if you have two factor authentication turned on, it won’t allow me to control your account.  

  • Click Profile Icon

  • Click “settings and privacy”

  • Click “account”

  • Click “security”

  • Make sure Two-Factor Authentication is turned off 

STEP #5:  I will arrange a payment method via twitter. you will provide me with the username and password of your new account so I can login and begin the automation process.  

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